Glimpses of San Francisco

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We are back from our lovely trip to San Francisco.  It was extremely busy, and packed full of stuff to do, but oh so much fun.  It has been years since I have been there.  I think 9 to be exact.  I was last there for the birth of my first niece.  Now she is so grown, and I have another niece who is equally as grown.  It seriously had been way too long and overdue for a visit.  My parents flew to our home town, and then we drove to California, all of us packed in for a twelve hour drive.  We had a wonderful time, and memories were definitely made.

We made it back early Saturday morning (around 130), slept in and then all of us went to Easter Vigil that evening.  Sadly on Easter Sunday, we drove my parents to the airport and said goodbye to our trip.  Since then it seems as though we have been trying to find our footing once again.

I will share more pictures throughout the week, I just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all!  I have been having fun catching up on your blogs and seeing how you all are doing.

I hope you all are doing well!



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