Did I Mention we Celebrated Easter?


Oh, by the way, Easter happened!  That day, and then the weeks proceeding were a bit crazy, so I thought I would share pictures now.  It was actually a very low key Easter.  We went to mass on Saturday for Easter vigil.  This way, my mom and dad could go with us, since they were leaving Easter day.  I do love Easter vigil.  Much of the mass is held in candlelight, and reading Old Testament verses, then, Easter is proclaimed, the lights come on and we say Hallelujah!  It is a magical service, and so symbolic.

So, because mass happened on Saturday, our Sunday was free for relaxation, which was much needed after a week in San Francisco, a car drive to and from, and then the airport to send my parents off.  I knew the kids would be sad after dropping off grandma and grandpa, so we had some activities planned.   First, we colored eggs.  Then we painted crosses, the reason we are celebrating Easter.  Then we hunted eggs.

Have I told you how I handle the egg hunt?  Each child has a theme assigned to them.  For instance one year it was a color, the next year was their initials.  This year it was a sport.  Oldest Bit was basketball eggs, Middle Bit was baseball, and Little Bit was soccer.  They are only allowed to find their themed eggs!  That way, they all have the same amount, and there is no candy contamination since there are allergies. If they find another’s theme, they are not allowed to pick it up or tell the person, until the last five minutes when we are done with hunting.  Egg hunts have been more fun and actually take longer than usual this way.  And usually, a parent steps in and has to help.  We even found one of the hard boiled eggs from last year!

Finally, we hunkered down and watched the movie Babe.  I absolutely love this movie, so amazing.

For dinner we had traditional Easter Nachos.  Doesn’t everyone have that tradition?

This year I realized how quickly time with the kids is going.  I spend all my time rushing them out of the house, but now I do not want to rush at all.  I want to savor these few fleeting moments we have together, and enjoy each and every age as it comes.  Right now, I feel the stage they are in is the best one yet, and I hope I feel the same next stage.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter, I am sure you did since it was three weeks ago.  Oh well, behind the curve again!

Take care!



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