The Cat vs. The Boy


This is our cat.  She is an outdoor cat through and through.  I got her 7 years ago when we moved in to our home, and the reason was to mouse.  Our acre is backed up to a big field that has mice, snakes etc. And since those mice like to find their way towards our house, she has had great eating.  She is the perfect cat.  She stays outside, and when anyone is outside she sits next to us. does not really want to be pet, but instead just wants to hang out.  These pictures are during our Easter egg hunt in which she perched her tail on this Burberry bush and left it there for a long time.  At first I thought it was stuck, but it wasn’t, the tail was just plain old comfortable.

She is full of personality, and yesterday, proved that she is scarier than a big dog, and a whole lot tougher.

It was time for my kids to go feed all the animals, and my Oldest Bit decided he would go outside via the garage.  As he opened the door, he noticed Ms. Kitty (that is her name) was in the garage, and bent over to pet her.  As teenagers seem to do, he did not think to let her out of the garage before going in our backyard.  The backyard is where Happy and Ruffo, our two big dogs, live.  These dogs must have sensed a cat presence through the door and were waiting eagerly on the other side.  Oldest Bit and Ms Kitty were not aware of the dogs knowledge, and so Oldest Bit opened to the door to the backyard.  The dogs come tearing in to the garage, and Ms Kitty proceeded to freak out.

In the words of Oldest Bit, “She turned into Godzilla and Bruce Lee and began running through the garage.  The next thing I knew she was running towards me, and I got really scared, so I started running, that is when I ran into the door at full speed!”  And let me tell you it was at full speed, because Oldest Bit does not make a big deal of getting hurt.  Sometimes I am unsure how bad it is, he simply does not want to make a big deal.  He came running through the door, partly crying and part yelling, thankfully no profanity, and exclaimed as I came for him, “Leave me alone!!  I hurt really bad!!!”  Okay, this is different, I thought to myself.  He must really hurt.  As he calmed down and let me look at his side, I noticed a huge bruise had formed on the side of his pelvis bone.  It was big, and it was swollen.  He could not even bend without crying.  I gave him ice and said to let me know if he wants me to take him anywhere.  He immediately said no, he did not want to make a scene.

Fast forward thirty minutes later, he comes to me still in tears and said that maybe a quick trip to urgent care would be good.  So, I took him, knowing that he must hurt if he said he needed to go.  The poor kid had to repeat his experience five times, but through every explanation, he laughed at himself.  He could not believe he ran from cat, especially one named Ms.  Kitty.  Thankfully nothing was broken.  The doctor said that particular bone is extremely hard to break.  But it is a deep tissue bruise and he will just feel like he was in a boxing match for a week or so until it heals.

All the way home he was embarrassed that he went in.  I told him not to be embarrassed at all.  We have all had these kind of moments, and it is better to be cautious.  I told him a few of my embarrassing moments, and he began to feel better that I could trump him in this area. You see I embarrass myself a  lot!  That boy actually agreed with me!  So to console myself and to remind him of his embarrassing moment, I told him that if he were to retell this story, it might be best for him to change the name of the cat.  Running from Godzilla sounds much more terrifying than running from Ms. Kitty.  That’s the kind of mother I am.

The cats name is now Godzilla!

Have a great day everyone!

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