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Thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number, but I find it very lucky.  I was born on the 13th, and even on a Friday.  I share a birthday with a beloved grandfather who was also born on a Friday.  I have worn the number 13 on a jersey, stayed on the thirteenth floor, and now, I have a thirteen year old!

He is an amazing young man.  The most giving heart, he will make sure no one feels left out.  He can be frustrated with his brothers and sisters, but when one gets hurt, he makes sure all their needs are met.  He is not afraid to be himself.  I find him taking on more and more leadership roles in Boy Scouts and at church.  He can be shy, but will announce from the rooftops that his favorite singer is Johnny Cash, and his favorite instrument is the banjo, which he plays.  When so many kids want to be like the super stars, singers and sports stars of today, he want to be like his grandpas and dad.  He wants to be tough like them, gentlemen who have seen many things and have been strong enough to live through them mentally and physically. Courageous and loving like his grandfathers. He does like basketball, and his favorite player is Kevin Durant, who is giving and courageous.  He is taller than me, can reach things on shelves without using a step stool, but still knows that I am his mother.  He gives me hugs every morning, and I love this more than anything.

I cannot believe that I get to be this young mans mother!  And I think thirteen is going to continue to be a very lucky number indeed.

I love you son, and Happy 13th Birthday!


Suzy, Mom

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