Decorating with Vintage: Modern Fireplace


We do not have a home with history, but we can create touches of history in our modern home.  When we chose this home, we chose it for the acre lot, and the sense of space.  The great thing about vintage and antique items, is that they give your modern home a sense of belonging, a lived in look.

So our plain, white fireplace needed something.  I am focusing on the just the fireplace today, not the mantle area, as that can be a whole separate post.  Our fireplace is a gas insert, with little dimension to it.  Simple black fireplace, and white tile around.  We have no money to redo this fireplace, but we do have special pieces that will give it a history.

This is where I encourage you all to accept things from parents and grandparents that they consider special. I do not know how many times I here from older individuals, that their children or grandchildren will not take special china, a book etc.  It actually makes me sad, because the items being offered are not being offered as a get this out of my house sort of thing, but instead as I want you to have something special to me.  Please take it!!!!!!!  It means so very much to the individual and will add a story to your home!

So this window frame?  It is from my in-laws old home.  It was a 1900 farmhouse that they painstakingly renovated.  A few years ago, they decided to move to a home that was easier for them to manage and leave when they wanted to go on trips.  This home was loved, and they wanted items from the renovation to go to their sons.  The glass has broken out of the frame, but the frame itself is filled with so much character.  I stapled chicken wire in the frame, and placed pictures with clothes pins on the wire.  Even the pictures have a history.  They were taken by my husbands great uncle who was an artist and photographer. They are pictures of the hills and farms of Virginia.  The threshold with the chenille material in hoops on it is also from my in laws home.

This fireplace is special now for a couple of reasons.  When my in law’s are visiting they can remember their home, and know that its memories carry on.  Another reason, I have a story to tell those visitng my home when they ask me where I got the items.  Instead of saying a store, I can say from my family. These items then bring up memories for them as well as they remember grandmas house, or the farm they grew up on etc.

Old items are so much more than decorating, they are memories.

Here ‘s to decorating with memories!




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