Why Vintage Brooches are More than just Fashion

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There are very few things that a woman can wear that tell about the mood or her personality than a brooch.  I have heard of women wearing brooches that depict their mood or political stance for the day.  Besides powerful women using them to promote their view, they can show how the every day woman celebrates her life and seasons.

When I was little, I could not wait to go to my grandmothers home so I could play dress up.  She had jewelry boxes full of brooches, clip on earrings, necklaces etc.  But the brooches stood out the most to me, especially the shiny sparkly ones!  You know, the ones that were full of rhinestones and were so big that they could take you down tot he bottom of the ocean floor?  The bigger the better when I was young.  As I have grown up, my taste has as well.  I am still attracted to the sparkly brooches, but I have found that I try to find ones that remind me of my grandmothers, or are bright and colorful for the seasons.  But more than this, I love to wear the ones that will generate discussion.  For instance, when my grandmother was alive, she loved spider brooches, so every time my husband and I bought her a gift, we would find spiders.  Now that she has passed away, I have all of the spiders!  Ironically I am a huge arachnophobia, but I still wear them.  I have met so many people that will stop me just to look at these brooches.  First, I am stopped because you just do not see people wearing brooches today, and the uniqueness of the brooch.

Now if you visit my shop, I do have a great deal of brooches for sale, and at this time of year, the flowers sale the best.  But the value of most of the brooches are not all that fantastic.  Most of my brooches are between $8-$20, depending on the styles that are most attractive for the season.  If you are looking for brooches that are of more value, you must look to the back of the brooch first.  Is it signed?  Who is the brooch made by?  Coro, Trifari, etc?  Once you have figured out the name, then look it up online, find out history, dates and what they are selling for.  Next, look at the design.  I will tell you that I sell so many animal brooches.  I have sold bats, horses, bees, even flies.  People like something that reminds them of what they like.  Look at the quality.  Are all the rhinestones in place?  Is the enamel peeling?  Sometimes, this may not matter so muc if the brooch is really sought after, but for the average buyer, it means a great deal!

Brooches can be used on purses, scarves, hats, sweaters, pretty much anything you want to dress up.  To most people the brooch signifies what they are like, their hobbies and in some cases their names or nicknames.  For instance a woman named Robin collected robins to wear.  Brooches are way more than just a fashion , they are a statement.

Enjoy hunting!

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