Decorating with Vintage-Hutch

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Now, I do not have an old home, or all old pieces of furniture, but I do have items that help make my home feel more lived in as well as give it a sense of family.  My hutch is one of my favorite pieces in my home for that I can switch up for seasons, but also switch up my vintage items.  The hutch itself is only about 6 years old, but I picked it because it gives the feeling of it being an heirloom piece.  The items I choose to place on the hutch are vintage or antique and usually hold a very special place in my heart.  This spring, I have chosen to place both of my grandmothers wedding china.  I decided to mix the floral patterns up, but it still has a very put together feel.



My favorite piece is the sunflower pitcher, that I do believe a family member made long ago.  It has one of the last names of an ancestor located on the bottom, so this has always held some curiosity for me, and I kick myself for not asking while my grandmother was still alive.


This hutch is something we all see, everyday, and creates such great memories and conversations for me and the kids!  When decorating, keep this in mind.  History of your family to share with the youngest generation is so important.  It encourages the kids to listen and be interested in where they come from and how important this family is.

I hope you all have similar stories and items that help give your home that lived in family feel, whether old or new!



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