Summer Thunderstorms


We had quite the storm about a week ago.  It reminded me so much of my childhood.  During the summers in Oklahoma, we would play all day long outside.  There was so much to do.  We would explore the creek near our home, set up a classroom outside and teach our stuffed animals, color, basically anything we could do inside was done outside.  We never let storms have an effect on our day until the very last minute, and usually in Oklahoma this meant the tornado siren going off, and we would reluctantly go inside.  Many times, the tornadoes would not touch ground, but the storm would still be raging outside.  My parents would turn on the transistor radio, pull out the games and have snacks out.  I remember many nights had no electricity, but those were some of the most memorable nights for me.  Playing hard all day, then instead of being scared of the storm, being thankful that the storm happened and wanting it to never end.

Well on this particular night, the kids were playing games at 8pm with their neighborhood friends.  Hide in seek was the game, and the flashlights were about to come on.  Mr. Bits and I, as well as our other neighbors, were watching a pretty severe storm inching its way to our town.  The emergency broadcasting network did their thing on the television, saying that it was a severe storm and capable of getting worse.  The kids were blissfully unaware, but the grown ups were watching.  At the first crack of thunder, which was loud and the lightning was close, the parents called all their kids in the house, and as expected the kids reluctantly came in with their whiny voices.  We stood as a family on the porch, under what was most definitely a wall cloud, and actually saw a funnel come from it.  As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared.  Thankfully we now live in a place where tornadoes are rare, they can happen, but rare.  The kids were scared, excited, amazed, awed all at the same time.  We ran inside, and I explained tornado safety, but also explained that we had nothing to worry about any longer.  The storm was moving fast and collapsing, so its power was short lived.



Mr. Bits and I pulled the popcorn maker out, and the book we are reading as a family together, and the kids experienced a night that will be in our memories for years to come.  It was still thundering and raining outside, but their nerves were calm, and the night brought me back to childhood and my fond memories of stormy nights.

I decided to pull out my camera, since I finally remembered it, and attempt to catch them in their happiness.  They quickly realized I had it out, and began to be silly, but that is all part of the fun!


When we finally stopped reading, the storm had long gone, but the kids still wanted to hang out.  This brought me so much joy.  I cannot tell you how much fun this night ended up being, and how many great memories it brought up for me.  Thank you mom and dad for never making me scared of a storm.  Thank you for helping me see that scary times are what you make of it, and it can be turned into the most memorable moments of your family.

Hope you all are making memorable moments.



PS  The dogs were nervous too, but enjoyed the attention!


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