Yarn Along-Striped Afghans


Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along

So I am finally done with making my three kids their striped afghans.  They all picked such vastly different color combinations!  I had a great deal of fun making them, and have even grown to like the brown and green afghan.  It was hard for me to get going on this blanket because I was not inspired by the colors, but my son like the colors and picked them out himself.  I hope that these will make it into their adulthood.  I have so many that my grandmother made me, and I love taking them out!

As for the book, I am just starting this book by Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr called, Falling Upward.  It talks of finding identity, and how when it seems like we are falling down, we are actually falling ‘upward’ to God.  Looking forward to what knowledge I can gain.

Can’t wait to see what you all are doing!



2 thoughts on “Yarn Along-Striped Afghans

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  1. The blankets will be favorites, I’m sure. I like all the colors. And the book looks interesting. Thank you for sharing about it. I hope to check it out, soon.

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