Updates on the Wild Things


It is summer and it is wild here.  We have not had any huge expeditions, well I take that back.  We had one, that resulted in a big injury for me that has had me going to intense physical therapy three times a week.  More on that later, but because of this injury, and how time consuming it is, we have not had time or energy to go on hikes, the lake etc.  Summer has not been our usual travel, camping kind of summer.  I am finding that this is probably the best thing for us right now, and I am trying to help my kids explore the fun world of home summer projects.  I am feeling a little better this week, so hopefully a trip to the pool is in order because projects are just not fun!

Little Bit is doing well, and we are currently looking for a flute teacher.  Her old one was having too many health issues, and had to stop.  So we are on the hunt.  We are also looking for a girl scout troop close by.  She gets to watch her brothers do bunches of fun stuff in the Boy scouts, so she has been begging for an opportunity.  We have hopefully found a troop, and will be starting soon. She is growing like a weed, and I am looking forward to having this quality time in the girl scouts with her, without any brothers to distract.

Middle Bit is still loving cooking, and just got back from one of his grandparents house.  They call it camp William, where he gets to be all by himself and eat all the peanut butter he dreams of, with no older brother there to have allergies.  He called me everyday and told me what they made, and it all had peanut butter in it!  He got to hang out with his cousin, who will be moving far away soon, so that means they will not get to see each other as often.  So sad, but we are happy for their new adventure.

Oldest Bit is just that…old.  His voice is changing, he is super tall, and he acts so much older.  In fact he did not participate in the sweatshirt monsters up above, instead he took pictures and encouraged the further stretching of their clothing.  I am glad I did not witness this escapade.  I would have been a little irritated by the ruining of their sweatshirts.  Somehow looking at the pictures made me laugh instead of get mad.

We are trying to enjoy the outdoors more, and take advantage of actually being home for a whole summer.  Although we are getting a little wiggly, as evidenced from the pictures above.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!



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