Let’s Go Camping!

Camping is a bit of the past right?  We all have memories of sitting in front of the campfire and roasting marshmallows.  Exploring the great outdoors and even getting lost on a few occassions.  Having fun with the family when usually you can’t stand to be around them!  Camping does something for a family that most vacations cannot do.  It forces you to bond, to talk with one another, to trust that the person guiding you knows where they are going.
My family loves to camp.  Our kids absolutely love to fish, hike and sit in front of a fire.  I love this about them!  There is no tv or video games, just good old fashioned fun.
Kids at Camp Long, 1954 (Seattle Municipal Archives) Tags: seattle camping kids children tents 1950s westseattle camplong seattlemunicipalarchives
The kids have a chance to be kids and not have to worry about friends, school or what to do.  Nature is there waiting for them.

Camping brings out the best in everybody.

And our family may not have a camp this nice and we may not look this clean, but we are this happy when we do camp.

Organized camping got its start in the 1860’s, but it was not until the car became more affordable and people actually had leisure time that camping really became popular.  In the 1950’s people wanted to be outdoors and explore the new roads that were being built across our nation.
56 Vg (YlvaS) Tags: old camping norway vintage volkswagen norge photo picture tent photograph 1950s 50s vwbeetle 1953 vintagevehicle outdoorlife fordon folkvagn vg tlt femtiotalet gammaltfotografi

People could actually get to places that before, were unknown.
Looking at the trees (Mr. Biggs) Tags: california camping 1950s sequoia biggs sequoianationalpark gianttrees

They could experience the majesty of nature.

Today, camping is still growing in popularity and strength.  We are camping in tents, trailors and RV’s, but we are still getting outdoors and loving nature.  I think that it is growing in popularity because people are striving for simplicity.  We want to have fun on the cheap, but still have a memorable time with our family and friends.  And what better way than camping.  Get out there guys and have a great summer!

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