A Little History of Chenille

How many of us remember spending the night at Grandma’s house?  How many of you remember her chenille bedspread?  Well, I do, and I still love find these old fabrics.  Chenille began in the 1890’s by a woman named Catherine Evans.  She would begin with a cotton sheet and then stitch thick yarn into  patterns.  After the stitching was complete, she would then boil the fabric to make it shrink and the yarn hold in place.  Every sheet was unique, however in the 1930’s, manufacturing of chenille became popular and the patterns were not as unique.  Chenille lost its popularity, and now is making a comeback as individuals are finding old remnants and realizing how special this fabric is.  Here are a few of my favorite remnants that I have found.

Chenille is a great fabric to work with and creates fun home decor.  I plan to create pillows from most of these remnants, and have already created one pillow.  Chenille is a great touch for any home decor especially the shabby chic look that has become so popular.  Stay on the look out for unique pieces made from vintage chenille.  They are one of a kind and can flood your mind with warm memories of Grandma’s house.

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