A Snail Race


As I was looking through all the pictures of past summers the other day, I came across these fun pictures.  Last summer, the kids were out pretty late, and being very quiet.  This almost never happens, as they scream and yell through the evening.  All the kids in the neighborhood do! I remember going in the backyard and looking for them, but no kids to be found.  As I walked around the front, Mr. Bit was already out with the kids having a snail race.  The sprinklers had just stopped running for the evening, and the snails were out, so the kids gathered all they could find and placed the snails in a circle.  They had created a circle of sticks so the snails could not get far.  When they removed the circle, the race was on.  Thirty minutes later, the race was still on! It took quite a while for all of them to make their way back into the shrubs.  In fact we had to put many back ourselves!  It was a funny impromptu moment.  Easily forgotten in the everyday, but when reminded, all the detail are there.

We have not had this many snails this summer, but we have had lots of ladybugs!  I have never seen so many, which is good since they eat the aphids from our fruit trees.  I have loved watching Little Bit collect them in a container then dumping all  the ladybugs onto our trees.  I think I have a little gardener on my hands.  She not only does this with ladybugs, but also with worms.  She digs deep holes in her sandbox, and takes all the worms out.  When she has collected them all, she places them randomly in the garden, although I have seen her give them to the chickens from time to time.

Oh well, I guess that is the life of a country kid.

Hope you all are enjoying your summers!



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