Rocking Chairs-A Little History and a Lot of Love

Rocking chairs.  They are an icon of American culture.  We have a fascination with this piece of furniture that can bring a sense of love, affection, peace and even fear.  The first known rocking chair was built in the late seventeen hundreds and was made by tying ice skates to the bottom of a chair.  But the fascination with rocking far predated this piece of furniture.  Rocking is calming and soothing, and was used for cribs to rock babies to sleep.  There were rocking horses for kids to play on, an even cradles for grown ups.

It is unsure who created the first rocking chairs.  Some have said it was Benjamin Franklin, but really no one is sure of the first.  One thing is for sure, they are unique to America.

But enough history and on to why we love them.

You can sit on your front or back porch and talk.  The rocking chair promotes slow moving summers and lots of conversation.  We all picture sitting on the porch, talking with family or friends and drinking an ice cold glass of tea.  It screams comfort.


Another reason?  What is the first thing most people go out and by when they find out they are pregnant?  A rocking chair.  We immediately begin to imagine the times of sitting with our baby, our kids, and soothing their cries or sicknesses.  The rocking chair soothes the soul and calms the spirit.


Still wondering?  I love to use rocking chairs in décor.  In fact this particular chair draws people in.  A guest in our home yesterday said it looks so cozy and old, she just wanted to sit down and rock.


They can also be so uniquely designed, like this chair I found at a yard sale for $3.  Yes, $3!  I will be giving this much loved rocker a face lift and helping it find a home soon.


Finally, they can also evoke a sense of fear.  We have all seen the horror movies, and we all love a good scare once in a while.

What do you love about this iconic piece of furniture?

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