The Lazy Days of Summer

I actually do not know why I have used that title, maybe because even though it has been insanely crazy around this house, I sense some lazy days approaching in the upcoming weeks, and I am super excited about it!

Let me tell you about the crazy stuff happening.

Last week, I attended the Episcopal Convention in Salt Lake City.  Every three years Episcopalians and the same state is rarely used as the host.  This time it was in my own stomping grounds, and I had an amazing time.  I was even there when they announced Bishop Michael Curry as our presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.  I was there witnessing history being made, and I am so excited.  I even went to a dinner where he was speaking and I was completely blown away.  An amazing man, and I am truly excited about what is to come in our church.


The kids have been busy with lessons and helping with projects.  They did such an amazing job this weekend keeping up with their mom and dad!  We went to a baseball game for July 4th with some friends and had a fantastic time!  Then yesterday we hosted a party for a few friends, and the kids have been so helpful. I am pretty proud of them.

They have had plenty of time to hang out and be crazy, so I know we have not worked them too hard.  🙂 They camped in the backyard one night, and I awoke to the dogs guarding their tent.  Little Bit rode a horse for the first time where we learned she is very allergic to horses.  And there has been endless sprinkler playing!

The boys are getting ready for a week at Scout Camp with their dad.  I am not excited for them to go as it is the most grizzly bear infested area in the nation.  Yuck!  Not good for a mom to know about, but the camp is said to also be one of the safest in the nation for this reason.  The good thing about them going is that I have a girls only week with my daughter!  Who know what we shall do, but we are excited!

On the bad news front, my arm injury is not getting any better, and today the doctor was concerned about how my left arm is now a great deal weaker than my right.  He fears their may be nerve damage.  Ugh.  Good news though, I feel better when I am moving around, so I have lost some weight!  In all seriousness though, I am a little nervous as to what this might mean.

I hope you all are having an amazing summer!  Looking forward to reading about them!



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