Memory Lane-The Art of Making a Phone Call

image from the graphics fairy

Do you remember when making a phone call was very intentional?  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy having my cell phone, and staying in touch with my children when they leave.  There are definite advantages to having access to a phone at all times.  But, it is few and far between that I make a phone call to really see how someone is doing or even to just talk.  Really talk, without distractions.  It’s almost as if the convenience of the phone has made conversations a little less meaningful, and a lot more utilitarian.

So I have been doing things a little more intentionally lately.  One thing, I try to call people when I am not as distracted.  For instance, last week, I was driving back and forth from a larger city which was an hour each way.  I used this two hours a day to call those whom I normally would not have a whole hour to devote too.  I was so glad I did, and I came back renewed and excited about talking to friends.  This meant really listening to them and what was happening in their lives.

Secondly, I have been using texts to check and see if it would be a good time for a call.  Even though I love the old way of doing things, not everybody does, and this is a great way to mix old and new together.

Thirdly, I try not to talk about things that are needed.  Instead, I just talk.  I live far away from all of my family.  The closest family member are six hours away.  So, I feel like it is important to return this lost art of phone conversation.  I do not want those whom I am calling to feel as though I need something every time I call.  Besides, I do love to talk.  I remember spending hours on the phone with my friends after school even though I had seen them all day.  Now that I have a 13 year old, it has reminded me of the excitement of getting a phone call from a friend, just to talk.

I know, we live in a world that is so easy to get information, but there is something that a phone call can do that Facebook can’t.  It actually allows you to hear the voice of the ones you miss the most.

So here’s to making someone’s day by letting them know you care!



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