Our Summer in Pictures


Well, we have had an adventurous summer, and I wanted to show you guys what we have been up to.  All these pictures were taken from my phone, so forgive the poor quality on some.

Let’s start with our Father’s Day adventure.


We decided to take a long drive in the mountains to find a lake that was not too crowded.  Do not know what we were thinking, since it was Father’s Day and every lake was crowded.  We were able to find this reservoir in the north of our state that had one spot that was not crowded.  As we were fishing, a cow wandered down to get a drink.  I think this is just the funniest picture!

Later on, we here someone say our names.  We were baffled as we were hours away from our town, so who on earth could it be.  Ended up being some friends of ours who had the exact same idea, and went the exact route as us.  We did not even tell them about our plans!  The day ended with going to dinner with some good friends!  It was a great Father’s Day, and I know Mr. Bit had a wonderful time.


The above two pictures are in Moab Utah.  If you have never been to this amazing park, you must put it on your list.  Unfortunately, it is so busy, but it is still worth seeing.  We went there for Memorial Day weekend, and camped about an hour away.  This was the trip I injured my neck on.  We went on a hike that was guided by a park ranger.  Three hour long, and not terribly technical, but if one had bad knees or not too much experience, not the hike they should be on.  We were in a group of 20, and there was one lady who was just not cut out for the hike.  She asked me for my help, so I spent the next three hours helping her up the rocks, pushing and pulling.  Was fine the rest of the day, until I woke up that night while camping and could not move my left arm.  I was in agonizing pain, but still went on a seven mile hike the next day.  I actually felt better walking.  It was the four hour car ride home that hurt terribly.  I still had a wonderful time and I still think Moab is a magical place!


We took our chairs out at the beginning of Summer only to find that they were cracked.  Of course we still tried to sit in them, and to my husbands surprise, the chair broke.  I will leave it at that.


All my kids were promoted at the same time.  Orange, purple and blue belts.  That is me in the background with my phone taking the picture.


Fourth of July was spent at the ball park for our local pioneer league team.  Beautiful scenery, minus the thumb.


And speaking of baseball, Middle Bit had an amazing season, and even stole home plate!  That was the only point scored in the game as well!

I think that brings us all up to date!



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