Braces and Teeth

Disclaimer:  If you have a sensitive stomach or are sensitive to teeth, please proceed with caution!

Yesterday, Little Bit lost two teeth.


Well I guess I cannot really say lost, since they could not come out of her mouth.

We thought it was pretty hilarious that the same molar was lost on both sides in the same day.


But we also thought it was so gross when she tried to eat.  Both teeth would not stay in place, so she could only eat mashed potatoes last night and this morning until we got her to the orthodontist.

They are fixed, and she is happy to eat again.


We are very happy for her too!

Have a wonderful Weekend Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Braces and Teeth

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  1. Oh my God, that first picture made my knees buckle… *shivers* Hope it wasn’t too painful. You should write a little disclaimer at the top of posts like that :Beware people with sensitive stomachs…

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