I Brake for Yard Sales


I love garage sales, yard sales or estate sales.  Yes I do go to shop and find a great bargain or something for my shop, but there is a deeper reason.  I love to connect with people.

A few weekends ago, I went to a yard sale that had some amazing finds.  I was having a blast talking with the older couple who was selling the near perfect condition of a record player that had caught my eye.  I heard their stories of what they would listen too, and they even pulled out the records of big band legends that they had danced to.  We talked about where they grew up and my connection with those places.  Their kids and where they live, and how old their grand kids were, which happened to be close to my age.

As I talked with them some more, I asked them if they were planning on moving and where to.  This is when they quieted down and told me about their health issues.  The biggest one of all was that he was dying and he wanted to be sure his wife did not have much to do.  How their house had been an amazing home to raise a family in, but the yard work was getting to be too much and besides, no one could do it like he could anyway.

After our talk was done, he insisted on carrying the record player to my car for me.  He ended up loving my car and asking me all sorts of questions, which he was surprised to find out how much I knew about cars.  He shook my hand hard and told me how great it was to talk with me and how I made their day.  I told them both, they made my day as well.

Yard sales are an opportunity to hear stories, to connect and to show love.

I hope you all have a wonderful time at yard sales this weekend, and remember to hunt the story, not just the treasure!

Love to all,


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