Vintage Household Tips

Ever wonder how you can make your life easier?  Try these household tips from my great grandmothers’ book.  Honestly, I do not know if they make your life easier or more complicated.
To cut the time for baking potatoes nearly in half, place potatoes on the oven rack and invert an iron utensil over them.
To clean road film and wax off car windshields moisten a cloth with coke (being careful not to spill in on the paint) and then wipe it off with a clean rag.
Place mothballs under the disposable paper bag in your sweeper to eliminate the sweeper’s musty smell.
Run water over marshmallows before cutting and the marshmallows will not stick to your scissors.
Actually the tips that I have given you today are pretty useful.  There are many tips listed in this wonderful book.  But I must admit, the next one is my absolute favorite. So easy!
When you are tired and have a difficult task ahead of you, open the front door for a while.  The fresh air acts as a pick me up and you will be refreshed enough to start your job.

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