Home making has come a long way hasn’t it?  The biggest of which is one’s choice to stay home.  Women now are free to make the choice to stay home, but we are not the only ones.  Men are making decisions to be the stay at home dad, while the woman goes off to earn the living.  What a difference!  I think more than ever, we as a society are realizing our freedoms.  We have the opportunity to work from home, to build our families up, not because we are told to, but because we want to.  It is our choice!  There is freedom in choice, and that freedom makes us want to do the best we can.

This became truly evident to me, as I went through the vintage Record Book and recipe box the other day.  I have two very special tools to help me see into the past.  The Record Book, was created by my Great Grandmother, and is a compilation of household tips and recipes dating from the 1940-1960’s.  She put in her own recipes, as well as magazine clippings of great recipes and tips for my mom.  She did this for each of her grandchildren!  Every one of them is different and made with love.  Sometimes, I chuckle at the tips, and think how times have changed.

Like this story:

“This is how I broke my husband of going out to the car before I was ready, and sitting there honking and yelling, “Well, come on!” After just one time too many, I knew I must do something about the man.  SO I picked up my purse and swinging it blithely on my arm, I went skipping out to the car.  You should have seen his face!  I was in my slip.  Needless to say, that was the end of the “Come on!”

I also love the pointers and recipes!

My mother in law has also loaned to me her great grandmothers box of recipes, and I must say that I have has so much fun looking through them.  Many of them are from magazines, and I will occasionally find a date that says 1950.  But the ads are truly my favorite!  I love to see the Technicolor photos, and the perfect women!  I even found an article written by a man telling us women how to actually cook!  What we are doing wrong and how we are ruining society by not having dinner at lunch any longer!  If that were to happen today, that man would be hunted!  I hope this article would not even be written today!

So often I hear people say, “We need to return to the good old days.”  Oh yes, the good old days, were not always so good.  Many things have changed in our world and for the better.  We are discovering that we need to change, and change is not necessarily a bad thing.

I like looking through pages like these, because it reminds me how far we have come, yet how much farther we still need to go.

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