The Great Red Desk

A few years ago, given this desk by an adorable couple from church.

They know I like anything vintage and said that it has been sitting in their basement for years.

They purchased it from a school that was updating their supplies many, many years ago.  All three of their sons used this desk.  Now their sons are my age, which I will not disclose, have children of their own, and want nothing to do with this desk.

The couple painted the desk bright red, and gave it a little sail boat.

Even the cushion has sail boats.  At first I thought to myself, that I would sandblast, and change the cushion.  But I have to admit, the red and the sail boat are growing on me.  There is something endearing about them.
I mean, this sweet couple spent a great deal of time on this desk for their kids, and now it is in my care.  I can’t just go and redo it so quickly!

It has a device that makes the desk level for writing.  The desk is metal and, and the seat swivels and is wooden.
The desk dates about 1920’s to give an idea as to how old this desk is,   there is an inkwell.

If this desk was in its original condition, it could be sold for $100 or more.  However, it has been painted so I could sell it for $50.  I have decided to keep this neat desk, and love the story behind it!

I think I was given a treasure, sailboats and all!

Have a terrific day everyone!

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