Women Who Make a Difference

A few years ago, my Grandma Curtis passed away.  She had been sick a long time, and we expected the end, but somehow with all the preparation, death was still shocking.  My grandma and I are similar in many ways, and as I looked through the pictures, I began to realize how similar we were.


Here are just a few of them.  My very favorite ones.


Here is my grandma around high school graduation age.  She loved her high school, as there were only 20 or so in her small farm school in Oklahoma.  Every year, they got together for their reunion, every single one of them.  They even went on cruises together.  She stayed in touch with others so well, and everywhere she went, people would know her.


This is her sister and her, and don’t they look like they like to have fun?  Trouble.

This is my sister and I when we were little.  That is my grandpa Curtis standing next to us as we travelled to one of our many camping trips.  They loved to travel, and I think this is where I got my love for it as well.  But look at how my sister kept trying to help, and I would have none of it!



Everyone tried to get me to sit still, but it was no use I liked to go.


See what I mean?

They could not even keep me in the tent.  My sister is beginning to get frustrated.


As I got older, my sister became more frustrated.  I thought it was funny then, and I still think it is funny.


My grandmother had the same mischievous way about her.  I think that is why we would laugh, argue and love so extremely together.  She had spunk, passion, happiness, joy and most importantly love for life.  She loved to go on trips and often talked about their travels around the country.  When I would talk to her about our own trips, she would mention a time when her and my grandfather travelled to that particular place.  It surprised me and didn’t all at once when she would talk about her adventures.  She could not and would not sit still, she even fought against death for so long.  Would not let it happen.

I learned from her how to enjoy and love life.  I learned from her how to argue and debate with the best of them.  I learned to get to know others by her example of knowing everyone in town.  She was an amazing woman, mom, grandmother and friend.  I am so grateful she was a great example of all those to me.

Love and miss you Grandma Curtis!


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