Funny Vintage Marriage Poems

With wedding season upon us, I thought I would give you two poems chalked full of wisdom from the 1950’s.  Courtesy of my great-grandmother.


“Her Idea of Him

He is my prince, the perfect man I’ve dreamed of since my life began:

Wise and wealthy, handsome and trim- When we are married, I’ll change him!

His Idea of Her

She is my darling, the perfect love.

I view with pride her worth above Jewels or gold.  She’s honey and myrrh

When we are married, I’ll change her!”

I love that poem, because let’s face it, we all think that to some extent, and then reality hits and you realize, “Crap, I am the one who needs to change.”  or “Crap, we both have a great deal of changing to do.”

Married Love

“It is love when you are able

To face your wife across the table

With her curlers still in place,

And she thinks you are sweet

In pajamas and bare feet

And whiskers on your face.

Will she yet her man adore

When you toss about and snore

And she can’t get her rest?

When at her you start to shout,

And she doesn’t try to throw you out-

That is the real test.

Will your wife still call you “honey”

When you haven’t any money

And she wants to buy a dress?

If all these troubles you can weather,

Then you can get along together

And love your home will bless.”

Carl Ferrell

Love you honey!

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