School and Computers


We have officially started school today.  It has been a little more difficult than I thought to get the kids back into the groove.  Thankfully, the first day is always a little easier, and is made for easing kids into school again.

Since we are on a curriculum that requires the kids to do much of their work on computers this year, Mr. Bit and I went out and purchased 2 new computers over the weekend.  We have been saving for this occasion because we knew the kids would need the other three computers for most of the day.  I must say that after this morning this purchase was one of the best ones we have ever made!  I have a new found freedom to blog whenever I feel like it instead of before the kids get up or in the evening, and I am more excited to blog because of it!

Have you guys started school?

Looking forward to hearing all of your back to school adventures!



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