School has so many meaning for all of us.  I remember growing up and not being the most popular kid.  I had the most crooked teeth, not the most up to date stylish outfits, I was good at school and I played the violin. I was a nerd, and I was made fun of ruthlessly.  In junior high, we moved from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas, and I was terrified!  I even remember eating lunch in the bathroom by myself so I would not have to endure the others making fun of me.

Some will have positive memories of school.  I love to hear these positive memories, especially those of my grandmothers.

They both went to one room school houses in small towns.  They both stayed very close to their graduating class until they passed on.  My grandma Curtis had the best experience.  She went to a small farm school in Cleo Springs Oklahoma, and for 60 years went on trips with her graduating class of 12 to the Bahamas, Florida or fun cruises.  I love the sense of community and the we are in this together mind set they had for one another.  No one was left out of the autograph books they had signed for one another.  When reading my grandmothers, the kindness they conveyed to her was so thoughtful, and when she spoke of her classmates, there was never an unkind word.  I am not saying this was similar for every school in the US, but I do wonder if a sense of community has been lost.  When I was going to junior high, the school was so large that there was a sense of to each his own.  No one looked out for me, because they were busy looking out for themselves.  I did have one friend, and her name was Edwina.  Edwina was a big tough girl, and no one would mess with her.  She was a huge fan of New Kids on the Block, and so was I.  When Edwina found this out, she befriended me.  This was my one ally.  When some one would make fun of me, Edwina would appear from no where and come in between.  When I was alone and could not stand up for myself, she would hear about it and find out who did it.  The kids feared Edwina, but I didn’t.  Ironically, the kids feared her because they thought she was a bully.  But they were the bullies, the clichés that you hear about.  Edwina was never a part of a cliché, but instead she was friends with whomever was considered the underdog.

My grandmothers class stories made a huge impact on me because from those, I began to realize that even in my horrible experiences, there was a sense of community.  There was a girl who loved me and had nothing but kind words to say to me.  I lost touch with Edwina in high school.  We went to different schools and started to have different interests.  It did not end on a bad note, just ended.  I have no idea where she is at today, but if she happens to read this, I want her to know I am thankful for helping

me feel like I was a part of something.  Thank you Edwina for sticking up for a girl like me!

School has always given me a sense of panic, but the one small light of Edwina will always give me a smile.  She loved me, crooked teeth, bad outfits and all!

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