The Rhythm of Our Days



We are working on finding a rhythm in our home.  What I think is funny about finding a rhythm is the fact a snag will make itself known, and it has in a couple of ways this past week.

The new school that they are a part of online, had a huge malfunction in its server, which gave us two virtual snow days!  Even with the virtual snow days, there were plenty of activities to keep us busy, and I was able to have the kids read books for their book reports and so on.  Even with trying to keep them in the mindset, this morning brought mild grumpiness when they saw the server was working quite well and school was back in session.  I am enjoying this school a great deal.  It requires an amazing amount of one on one from me, but they also meet with their classes online, and a teacher actually teachers them in all their subjects.  They call it Live Learning sessions.  During these sessions they get to interact with other students, and my kids have been loving this!  It is fun to watch them loving school, and being more social.  The co-op will be starting in a couple of weeks, so that is all I have been hearing about.  I am so excited for them to be a part of the co-op and have new opportunities on top of the already new opportunities this year.

In other news, I have also started school.  I am now an official seminarian.  I am studying Old Testament, Spirituality, The Book of Common Prayer. I have no idea where this is leading.  I could become a Deacon or a Priest when it is all done, but honestly, I do not know.  For now, I know that I love learning about these topics.  I love the non fundamental ways in which the Episcopal church believe.  I have been slightly overwhelmed with the amount of studying I have been doing, and trying to keep up with the kids and my business, but I absolutely feel like this is where I need to be.  I also absolutely feel like I am not supposed to be giving any of the other things up.  Home school is a vital part of our home, and writing on these blogs have brought me so much joy over the years.  So, I will keep it going and I will let other things slide by.  Besides it is a good thing for my kids to see that learning never stops.

Speaking of those other things, the laundry and cleaning have been overwhelmingly huge as of late, but thankfully, Mr. Bits has been helping with the flow and picking up the slack in computer upkeep and general help.  This is where I am speaking of our rhythm.  It is a new rhythm and we all have to get used to it, but it is a rhythm that is more intentional than ever before.  These past few years have shown us the importance of family, intentionality among friends and having each others back.  It has prepared us, but it is still overwhelming.  But somehow, better this time around.  We, dare I say, have matured these last few years, and I am excited to see where it is taking us.

So I am going to try to embrace my days working with the kids one on one, and blog in the mornings or evenings.  I am going to read lots of books and learn more, and work on my business when the kids are in bed.  I am going to spend time with my husband watching our favorite shows (Entourage at the moment) and talk with him about his days and dreams.

I am going to try and embrace all of these new activities and take it day by day, because the moment I look at the calendar I freak out and wonder how it all will get done.

Thanks for your patience with me during our new rhythm!

Love to you all!


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  1. Oh my goodness, so much happening in your world right now. That online school seems amazing, I’m glad your kids are enjoying it. And look at you! That is quite something to take on. I tip my hat off to you, it will be quite an achievement!

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