Decorating with Vintage

This was done a year ago, and I thought I would repost because I love decorating with vintage, and I still love the entry way.  I have not redone the entry way  since!  Enjoy!

I have been in a cleaning out and rearranging sort of mood lately.  Not just with my home, but also with life.  The mood of “something has to change”.  Last week, I did not feel like sitting still while my children were working on school.  So in between lessons, I decided to redo our entry way.  Now keep in mind, we have no extra money to really makeover, so I used items that we already had.

Here is the entry way before:


Notice the fish tank.  We have had that for 8 years, and the oldest fish, who was 8 years, just died.  We were getting tired of having a fish tank, but did not have the heart to move the old fish.  So we waited until he passed away on his own.  We could have put him in a small bowl, but we kept thinking that would kill him.  I know, pathetic.

We also had furniture that we did not know what to do with.  Such as this big white chest.  I moved that into our bathroom for extra storage, and it works perfectly.  In place of the chest, I moved our wicker couch from the outside front porch into the home.  The wicker couch is from my grandma in law, and used to sit on her back porch.  We decided to move it in more for protection, but it also looks great in the entry way.

Here is our hallway table.  Kind of lifeless:


Here is our entry way now:


Much cleaner, brighter and happier.  The door is from my in-laws 100-year-old home they just moved out of.  I think it makes the perfect touch here.

Plus, vintage is all around me.  I love that!

All in all, I think it looks better.  Hope you do to!

Have a great day everyone!



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