Lots of Gardening


(My husband took the above picture.  I did not realize that my rear end was involved.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture of all of our pickled zucchinis.  Such is life!)

It is officially that time of year again, when we frantically work on canning and freezing, trying not to lose our bounty, and make the most out of what we have been given.  Our garden has been sporadic this year.  We have yet to see a ripe tomato, we actually had broccoli which never ever happens, our raspberry crop has been plentiful, and our pumpkin vines have experienced some sort of blight, yet have still managed to produce huge pumpkins.  It has definitely been a very unique year for preserving.  Not one jar of salsa, but a great deal of pickled zucchini and peppers.

Still, we are tremendously grateful for what we have received from our crop, and it is by no means done.  Hopefully, all the green tomatoes will ripen, and all the squash will continue to produce, even with the cooler temperatures.  Amazingly, the northeastern part of our state already had a frost warning, at the beginning of September!  I do not know if I am quite ready for colder temps yet.  We have been spoiled for the past year, with a very mild winter, but I think this spoiling may be changing this year.

I hope you all are enjoying your last days of summer!  How are your gardens growing?



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