Decorating for Fall from Your Garden


I know this may sound odd, but when I am planting my garden, I think ahead to fall.  Not only for the food that we can, but also for the decorations on my front porch.  The corn stalks are always dried and tied, the pumpkins are always planted and the random squash is not only used for eating.


I have a cute vintage chair that is located on my front porch as one comes to the front door.  I put decorations on this chair according to the season, and I must say, I love the pumpkins the best!  The combination of orange and white is so fall like and look great in the silver bucket.


All of the pumpkins were grown in our backyard, and I absolutely love the different sizes we have this year.


I have more corn stalks on the other side of my wrap around porch that make the porch look more cozy from every angle.


And even a color coordinating orange cat!  Hi Ms Kitty!


I truly love this fall porch, even though the wind is making the corn stalks droop!  I think the drooping adds a certain appeal, don’t you?  Keeping it real!

Hope you are all having a great time decorating for fall!



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