Our Daily Story

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We have been running wild lately, and really, I have tried to savor every little bit of the days we are having.  The sense that time moves too fast has been on my mind as of late.  How much do I try to rush the kids because they have a deadline, or I try to rush myself for the same reason.  As I write, my middle son is still working on school, and shouldn’t that be okay?  I have had to fight the urge to say hurry, or to tell him he needs to concentrate more.  Reality is, if he was in a brick and mortar school, he would be failing.  His dyslexia slows him down, and the more overwhelmed he is, the slower he gets.  I have the privilege of teaching all three at home, and many days, I do not see in in that light.  I see it as a chore, another thing I have to do.  But lately, I have seen the greatness of the opportunity presented to us.

We have an amazing co-op that I helped to create on Mondays that offers my kids dance, speech and debate, and friends.  We have a great online school with so much support.  The kids have a choice of where they are going to study.  Most importantly, I get to be there every step of the way.  It is hard, and some days, I get frustrated.  Some days I forget to tell them how proud I am of them.  But we are so tremendously blessed to be a part of their daily lives and to watch them grow.  We would get the same at a brick and mortar,  but I must say how wonderful it is not to be rushed in the mornings.  To have fun and laugh with them when a funny thing happens during the day.  To answer the random questions or to help look something up because I do not know the answer.  It is exploring together with them every day that helps to write our daily story.

It is a crazy life, but we only get one chance.

Love to you all, and I cannot wait to see how you all are living out your daily stories!



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  1. It is so true, and I have been thinking about that so much lately. With all the business, one must become even more deliberate in making moments last. Thanks for your comment!

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