A Birthday


Middle Bit turned 12 a little over a week ago.  We had been waiting for his birthday patiently because his gift was so unique.  We do not normally go all out for a birthday gift, but this year was different.

He has been playing the guitar for five years now, and getting quite good.  The route he wants to go is playing rock music, but in order to progress we needed to get him an  electric guitar.  These are very expensive, an not something you would get a child just because.  At least not in this family.  Middle Bits teacher said he would keep his eyes open for a good quality used guitar for a good deal.  About a month later, I received a text that one of his students needed to sell their Fender guitar for some extra cash.  It was only a year old and very good quality.  The price was right, so we got it.  We had it hidden for a month and a half, having to endure his longing after every guitar, and expressing his deep desire to have an electric one.  We kept telling him, “One day.  These are expensive so we will have to budget.”

So on his birthday when he opened it up, his eyes widened and he looked in shock.  At first I wondered if he even liked it, but then I realized he was truly  speechless, which if you know Middle Bit, is a very rare thing indeed.

He plugged it in to his new amp, and strummed the electric guitar.  And as he strummed, I saw his future.  It fits him perfectly.  I am not talking about size or shape, I am talking about personality.  I do not know if he will become a rock star, but I do know that the guitar will be a part of who he is.

I am so very proud of him.

DSC_0227DSC_0228 - Copy - CopyDSC_0234DSC_0231

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