What? Halloween Pictures in December?

Yes, I am showing Halloween pictures in December.  That is how far behind I am in keeping the family updated.  Please, be gracious!


We had a great Halloween, and in some ways, a new normal.  Our oldest decided he was too old to go trick or treating, but did walk with us around the neighborhood.  He also still dressed up.  If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will know what doctor this is.  Hint:  he wears burgundy converse.


Middle Bit decided he would be Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.  This was seriously the easiest costume I have ever assembled.  A bed sheet, a witches hat covered in a pillow case, and a white beard.  Oddly enough, my son already had the staff.


Little Bit decided she would be a cowgirl this year.  I loved this one, because everything we purchased for this costume can be worn again and again at any point of the year.


The pumpkin was a new venture.  I decided to write different tasks on paper and then had them draw what they would do.  Oldest Bit ended up with the eyes.  Middle Bit with the mouth and Little Bit with the nose.  A truly collaborative jack-o-lantern.



I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.  I will get caught up to the Christmas pictures sometime in February!



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