Christmas Season


As the twelve days of Christmas officially begin, I want each day of this season to be savored.  I always dislike the drive of the world to move on to the next holiday, and so quickly forget the decorations and feeling of the season.  This year, we are going to celebrate the next twelve days of Christmas and celebrate with different traditions from around the world until Epiphany.  I want to savor each day, and enjoy the season, since leading up to Christmas seems so crazy and chaotic, really a blur.  These next days are perfect for taking it slow, enjoying the tree and being with family.

I hope your Christmas day went well. Ours was quiet for a change.  We attend mass the night before at 1030, and end at midnight.  Every year I think this will help the kids sleep in just a little longer.  Every year, I am reminded that this does not work, as at 530 am, there is knock on the door.  I do like them being older though, as after the gifts are opened, Mr. Bits and I go back to bed.  Makes the day a little more doable.  We had great food, watched great movies and enjoyed each others company.

Truly a wonderful day!

Looking forward to reading about all of your traditions and fun.  Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this little blog of mine.  I am so grateful for all of you!



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