Twelve Days of Christmas


There are many traditions in our western culture that seem to be disappearing.  One of which is the official twelve days of Christmas.  Many people celebrate the twelve days before Christmas, but in reality, the twelve days begin on Christmas and end on Epiphany, January 6.

This year, my family is trying to savor the season.  So often, we are crazy before Christmas, tired on Christmas, and then look forward to the next holiday or take down our tree on New Years day.  But the days between Christmas and Epiphany are a time of celebration.  A time to savor the season, and to remember Saints, family and those who are less fortunate.

Today is the Feast Day of St.  Stephen.  Many countries around the world are remember the first martyred Saint by handing out food to the poor, going from door to door, or feasting on food.

This day, is often overlooked and forgotten because we are all so anxious to move on to our normal everyday lives.  Today can be a great day to sit in front of the tree, and remember those who have risked their lives to save others.  Today is a day in which we can actually begin to relax and enjoy the warmth of the Christmas lights, and the giggle of our children.  Today is a day to remember those who are less fortunate by going to help at a local charity or soup kitchen.

However you choose to celebrate, take advantage of the quiet days leading up to the new year, and savor the moments of the season.

Happy St. Stephens Day, Boxing Day, Wren Day and Boxing Day

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