Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary.  I cannot believe how fast 15 years went!  I also cannot believe how my husband can still surprise me after 15 years.  Let me preface the story.

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I had a very small wedding in his mom and dads living room.  His childhood home was a beautiful farm house, and his mom decorated the house perfectly for Christmas.  We both love Christmas, and Mr. Bits loved his childhood home.  So my mom, dad, grandma, aunt and uncle and sister drove from Oklahoma to Colorado for a immediate family only wedding.  My sister officiated, and honestly, looking back, it was perfect.  Perfectly small.  I remember all the details, I remember the warmth, and I remember the food.  But it was cold and Mr. Bits and I always said at fifteen years we would go somewhere warm and renew our vows.

Fast forward fifteen years.  A couple of months ago, we laughed at ourselves because 15 years was upon us.  We could not believe how funny our plans sounded, and realized that when we made those plans, we were young.  Which is also funny, because we still feel like whipper snappers!

Fast forward to yesterday.  I woke up in the morning with a gift.  It was a beautiful dress that I had tried on several weeks ago, but it being Christmas and kids presents to be bought, I thought we could save the money and buy it at a different time.  Yesterday, I got the beautiful dress, which come to find out the kids and Mr. Bits worked hard to keep it from me!  Mr. Bits told me to wear it to church because , why not?  It might be fancy, but its new!  So I quickly agreed.

During the service, we pray for birthdays and anniversaries, so I was expecting to go up for a quick blessing.  But, I was surprised again.  He planned a vow renewal service!  We were called up specifically for basically another wedding.  So now, I guess you can say, we are officially church married!  It was truly the most beautiful and thoughtful surprise I have ever received and even while writing this I want to cry. The kids were there and got to see us renew our vows. He even had cake and champagne for after the service.  He truly thought of everything!

IMG_3621IMG_3624 (1)

Thank you so much Mr. Bits for wanting to marry me again!  We have had rocky times, times apart, times together, fun amazing times, and I can honestly say, I am looking forward to the next 15 years!  I love you!


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

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  1. This is fantastic.
    Congratulations and the most amazing start to a New Year.
    You & Mat have what it takes, you have the nucleus, the basis that gets you thru life, in all its forms. The two of you together are stronger than if you were one, alone. That’s a gift of love from God to your family.

    1. Thanks Amber! I am so grateful that church is our second family, and we get to share experiences like this with friends like you!

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