Christmas Eve Traditions

We’ve developed a tradition in this house.  It really wasn’t one we tried to do, it just happened!  Every year, I seem to be behind on my Christmas baking, and end up making sugar cookies on the 23rd of December.  Not early, but late in the day, so they are impossible to decorate!  We have begun waiting until the 24th to decorate in between masses.  My kids are still young enough to be in the children’s service, but they are old enough to acolyte at the midnight one.

So on Christmas Eve, we attend church at 5pm, come home and then head off to mass at 1030.

During the time at home, I have tried to keep them occupied so they will stay calm.  We make reindeer food, watch a movie, eat grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and chips and decorate Christmas cookies.  This has seemed to work out so well, that it is now a tradition!  Another tradition to this cookie decorating is that the last one can always be piled high with frosting and consumed by the decorator.  I try my hardest not to judge on how much frosting is on the cookie because, after all, it is Christmas!

We then head off to midnight mass, and if you have never been to a church service at midnight on Christmas Eve, you are missing out.  It seems like every year, I grumble at the fact that we have to stay up and go out to church.  But when the lights are turned off, the candles are lit and Silent Night is sung, I am so very thankful that I am there.  Puts me back into the reason why we celebrate Christmas.This year, we got out of the service right at midnight, walked out the doors and it was snowing!  What a gift that was!

When we get home, the kids open one gift, which are always pajamas, and then set out the reindeer food.  Even my thirteen year old still does this!  In fact they all do, and they all know about Santa!  But I m slowly realizing how important these little traditions are, and how they begin to just happen without one even realizing they do!

Any traditions for you guys on Christmas Eve?

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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