The Return of Women Who Make A Difference


Next week, I will be starting the series of Women who Make a Difference.  This series will be every Wednesday and it will highlight women who live out their calling every day.

One thing I want to make clear is that a calling might not be what you think it is.  We tend to think on a grandiose scheme.  We forget that what we do every day, the tedious things, the “small” things add up to make huge impacts on ourselves, kids, husbands, families, communities, an eventually the world.

In the past I have highlighted all my grandmothers.  They truly lived, and are still living,  simple lives in which small things made huge impacts on so many around them.  Calling of making quilts, to cooking, to teaching the fine art of yard sales.

I have some wonderful women lined up to highlight in the upcoming weeks, but would also love suggestions that you may have.  One thing I am changing, is that I would like to interview the women and ask questions as to why they started, how they keep going etc.  If the woman is no longer with us, please give details as to how they made a difference in your life.

I am truly excited to be doing this again.  I hope it will bring inspiration and encouragement to so many of you.



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