A Dog


Our dear little Chewy passed away recently, and our house has been heartbroken.  He was such a good dog, and the first dog to join our family almost 16 years ago.  I remember the day Chewy was born.  It was Easter day at my grandma’s house, and my aunt had a Chihuahua that was tremendously spoiled.  her name was Stinkerbell, and that pretty much fit her.  She went into labor while we enjoyed Easter dinner, and I was truly amazed at how many little puppies fit into a Chihuahua.  I pretty sure there were at least five.  Mr. Bit and I were still dating, and knew by that point that we would be engaged sometime, but a dog was hardly on our radar, especially a Chihuahua.  I was never a small dog fan.

My aunt had other plans however.  Many years before Chewy was born, I helped take care of her after she suffered an aneurism. I went back to Oklahoma and helped the family care for her, and she remembered that.  She really wanted me to have one of the puppies, and so Mr. Bits and I agreed.  I remember when we went to pick him up.  We met the family for my grandma’s birthday to go fishing.  When we went down to the lake, we saw a small puppy with a very large stick in his mouth trying to run.  I thought to myself, “A small dog who thinks he is so big…perfect compromise.”  We quickly fell in love with the little Chihuahua.

Since then, we have been married and added three children to our family, all of which fell in love with him, and whom he loved back.  The house is quiet now, and the kids have been very sad.  We have told stories daily about how funny he was, and how great it was to have an amazing dog.

He is buried under the treehouse in the backyard, and Oldest Bit is planning to use his wood burning kit to burn his name into the tree stump that sits on top of where his is buried.

Funny how such a small dog, made such a huge impact on our family.  He will always be remembered fondly by all who knew him.

Love you Chewy!


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  1. Oh, you guys, I am so sorry to hear of Chewy’s passing. He was a funny little guy, and even though he would try to gum me in anger, I think he was a fine fellow. Love and light. ❤️

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