Vintage Menu

As I was looking through all the vintage recipes that my mother in law sent to me, I discovered this little gem.

It is a menu.  Not a week of meals, only one day, a Thursday to be exact. ONE DAY!

This looks like a week of dinners for me, but this was ONE DAY!  Can I say this enough?  ONE DAY!

If you cannot read it, this is the menu for ONE DAY!


Apricot Juice, hot wheat cereal with milk, honey pecan toast, milk and coffee


Corned beef hash patties with poached eggs, celery and carrot sticks, sliced bananas with cream, milk shakes


Liver and onions, creamed potatoes, baked acorn squash, combination salad with dressing, bread and butter, cinnamon applesauce, oatmeal cookies, milk and coffee


Ummmmm….This is what my one day menu would look like


Cereal, pour it yourself.  Milk, pour it yourself.  Oh you want juice?  Make it yourself.


Cereal, pour it yourself.  Milk, pour it yourself. Make sure you have a fruit, please cut it yourself.  Make sure you have a veggie, please cut it yourself.


Cereal, just kidding.

I make a meat, veggie, grain, sometimes a dessert, but this is quite the spread.

What I am saying is, I usually reserve the big meal for dinner.  This ONE DAY menu was quite the eye opener for me.  My immediate thought was, no wonder processed foods became so popular.  What a time saver.  My other thought was that a great deal of care was put into making a menu.  All food groups were covered.  I would love to know if this helped diminish obesity or create it.  Because it is a great deal of food.  But I am sure it eliminated snacking.

One Day Menu People!

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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