Crystal Pine/Christmas Trees

DSC_0013.JPGDSC_0005 (1)DSC_0012

My grandmother had these Christmas trees sitting in her china cabinet for many, many years.  When she passed away, I decided to take them home with me, and place them on my hutch in the winter.  They bring so many great memories of her and I talking together.  She would sit in a chair directly in front of her china cabinet, and I would see the trees shining and twinkling in the sunlight.

They are stunning, and I have no intention of selling them.  They will set on my hutch every January to bring the sunshine in, and help all the crystals create rainbows on my walls.

There are many for sale on the internet, and depending on if they are glass or crystal effects their price.  If glass, they run between $20 to $50 depending on the size and pattern. If you happen to have a crystal the tree can be $50 and up usually in the $100 price range. If you are uncertain how to tell the difference between glass and crystal, please go here.

Mine are here to stay!


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