Women Who Make a Difference


Last week I attended a funeral of a woman who was a long time member of our congregation.  She was an amazing woman who died in her mid nineties, and made a huge impact on all she came into contact with.  Did she do huge things?  Well, in a way she did, but to the general world, she probably lived an average life.  To those that loved her, she was a hero.

She loved her step grandchildren as if they were her blood.  She loved a sister who was considered different in the 1950’s and supported her and her wife in the midst of prejudice.  She was considered a mom to all who had none.  She made everyone laugh.  She was always ready to tell a joke, and she loved chocolate.

What struck me while I was listening to those tell stories of how she loved unconditionally, it struck me yet again, how those who make a difference are those who love with their whole heart.  She was not outspoken, she spoke with love.  All who knew her, knew they were accepted no matter what.

Those are the difference makers.  Many can speak with a loud voice, but how many speak with quiet actions?  Those who choose to, are heroes.

Thank you for making this world a better place.



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