Sunday Storytelling-Spring


How I have missed sunny days and warmer weather.  It has been a long winter, and I know that the warmer days are just a tease right now, but it has been a good tease.  Tomorrow brings the promise of snow, and somehow, with 60 degree weather, snow seems nice.  A welcome change, and some much needed moisture for all the plants getting ready to bloom.

This winter has brought many challenges and adventures.

A beloved dog passed away, and this has affected our family more than I thought it would.  We have decided not to get another house dog for a while.  Chewy is a hard act to follow.  But the outdoor dogs have been so spoiled and the kids are relishing the opportunity to love on them.  We have been brining them into the laundry room at night to have “petting time”.  This has become their favorite time in the evening for the kids and the dogs!

Our health has not been the best.  Mr. Bits had pneumonia.  The kids have been  battling stuffy noses for months.  I found a lump under my right armpit that led to immediate mammograms and ultrasounds.  Thankfully, we are all recovering and the cancer scare is just that for now, a scare.  The doctors determined it is a benign tumor that will just mean I go back again to see periodically if all is well or if more have developed.

Mr. Bits has been gone so much this winter, and with all the crazy sicknesses and just plain life in general, I have become exhausted.

But there is something about spring that makes all the winter parts of our lives fill with hope.  A hope for health.  A hope for sunshine and green things.  A hope for flowers that will brighten even the gloomiest of days.  Of course the hard stuff will not disappear, that is just part of life.  Oh, but when that warm sun comes out, the outlook on the hard becomes better, and I am so ready for my outlook to change.

I have missed you all, and hope that your spring brings new beginnings for you all!



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