Sunday Storytelling-A Critter in the Car


So last week I showed you pictures of my 40th birthday at Bryce Canyon.  It was a great weekend filled with fun and family.  It was also filled with a critter adventure with telling.

It all began on the Sunday of the trip.  We woke up, piled in the car and drove to the national park.  On the way there, a burning odor was coming through the vents.  We really did not pay too much attention, as we just thought that maybe the heater was on a little high.  Towards the end of the day, we could not ignore the smell any longer, and decided to check under the hood.  My husband opened the hood, and underneath lay a forest of tree branches and leaves.  He just started to take out all the piles, and we realized that a critter had made its home on our warm engine the night before.

The next day, Monday we headed began our trek home.  We decided to take the long way back, which is the scenic route through the Grand Staircase.  If you ever come to Utah, you must come to this area, it is absolutely beautiful.  this scenic route added an extra 3 hours to the trip but it was worth it sense the family we were travelling with is from Texas and had never seen it. This area is known for its winding, bumpy roads. So before we headed off, my husband checks under the hood again, and low and behold, there was a new nest in the car.  We cleaned it out and off we went.

We made it home later on in the evening, and let our dogs in the garage.  While in there, the dogs would not take their eyes off the car, and we just brushed it off as it still smells like a critter.  Next day, the dogs would not go outside and we had to drag them out of the garage, and we began to wonder if the critter had come back with us.

Two days later, we had forgotten all about it and had to be at church late in the evening.  My daughter and I were headed out to the car, and as I approached I saw a bushy tailed critter on my tire.  When it saw us, it ran under the car and disappeared.  My daughter and I did not know if we should get in the car, and actually had a running start to jump in so the critter would not attack our legs.  The whole way home we laughed at the thought of bringing the critter all the way from Bryce Canyon with us.  Seven hours that thing hung on for dear life!

That night we left the hood open and the car in the driveway, but it still lived there for another day, until I got my car washed!!

So we brought back more than just memories from Bryce Canyon!

Hope you are all creating stories of your own!



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