Sometimes, all you Need is a Cookie


Times have been rough with Little Bit.  For the past two months, her fighting has gotten progressively worse, and Mr. Bits and I have been beside ourselves trying to figure out how we can help her.  The therapist she had in December, just wasn’t a good fit.  Not a whole lot of guidance on how to control her anger.  We start a new therapist today, and there is much anticipation about how this one may help.

Last week, her anger got the better of her and what was supposed to be a mother daughter day on Saturday, turned into just me going.  It was our annual ladies tea at church, and she flat out chose to fight rather than go.  I made a huge cookie tart for the event, one of her favorites, and sadly took it to the event without having my daughter with me.

The next day at our coffee hour, we had a ton of leftovers from the event, including a little more of the cookie.  There was one more piece, and I knew she was eyeing it.  I looked at her and said, go and take it.  The smile on her face spoke a thousand words, including, “I am still a little girl.”

Sometimes, I need those reminders, that she is a little girl that does not know how to be little.  It takes a cookie to remind us all sometimes of what truly matters.

Love to you all and please have a cookie today!


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