Fourth of July

We actually had a pretty low key night for the fourth this year.  Instead of inviting a ton of people over, we chose to have a movie night in the backyard with the kids, followed by fireworks.

We have m=been having more and more movie night since we discovered that the back of our house is perfect for a movie screen.  There are no windows and it is a relatively flat surface.  My husbands work was cleaning out an room filled with old stuff, and there just happened to be an old projector that they did not need anymore.  He asked if he could take it, and then the next thing you know, we were hooking it up to the computer and my sons amp.  Truly so much fun!


We ended the night with some fire works.  I only got one picture because of our dog Happy.  She is fascinated with anything that moves.  Fire and water being her two favorite things to chase.  Now joining some of her favorite things would be fountain fireworks.  I had to hold her the whole time because she really wanted to chase the sparks.  Truly a crazy dog!


It was one of the best fourth of July nights we have had as a family.  Watching the smile on my kids faces and the excitement that they all had was contagious.  Brought back memories of when I was a kid and it seemed like it took forever to get dark outside!

Hope you all had a wonderful fourth!



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