Hello!  I don’t know what has brought me back here to write, except for the fact that this blog was drawing me back.  A lot has changed in a year since I last wrote a post.  All I can say is that I feel a little more threadbare.  Feeling tired, yet invigorated.  Exposed, yet useful.  My path has taken a completely different direction since I first began writing  a blog many years ago.  As I was looking back at all of the posts, I somehow felt older.  What may have worried me before, no longer does.  I contemplated deleting my old post, but have since decided against it.  I like looking back, and I want others to have the option of looking at where I have been, and where life seems to be taking me now.  Even as I looked at the pictures of my holidays this year, I realize that I have been drawn to the perfectly imperfect places and situations.  Those that show the realness of who I am and the environment around me.  I no longer want to make things look amazing, but I want to see the amazing beauty from the randomness of the day.


My focus of this blog will change a little because I have changed a lot.  I no longer try to make selling vintage my number one goal.  Yes we still homeschool, but even that has changed a little as well.  I have started a community kitchen in my city that serves mostly the homeless population.  I see the harshness of reality a little more, and I no longer want to hide it.  But I also want to see the beauty in what is all around me on a daily basis.  I now see this blog as a place that will help me make sense of what my mind and heart are leading me to.


What are some of the things I know for sure?  I know that I love my family.  I know that I serve the community.  I know that I am done with trying so hard.  I know that I am ready to move into whatever God has planned, yet not wanting to do it all at the same time.  I also know that I am constantly seeking where I fit in, and how to make things work.  I know that I am not much different than everyone else with these feelings.  But what is even more encouraging is that I know that goodness and beauty far outweighs any negative feelings or thoughts that I have.


So here I am, ready to be a little more honest, and daring.  I am excited to see where this little journal will take me and you through the year.  What things can we possibly discover about ourselves and our paths that we will not be comfortable with, yet ready to try?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “Threadbare

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  1. “ But what is even more encouraging is that I know that goodness and beauty far outweighs any negative feelings or thoughts that I have.”

    Suzy I love you and your family. Looking forward to the journey.

  2. Thanks for returning. You are so thoughtful and kind and you write so well about life and its challenges. You help me think about my life in a more introspective and cogent way. Onward, with courage and love.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! You have been an influence in my life, so reading those words from you is incredible.

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