Scenes From Christmas 2016

We have enjoyed our time together this Christmas.  Honestly 2016 was a very busy and slightly overwhelming year.  Mr. Bits is finally back home after four long months, the kids and their activities have settled down at least for the past two weeks, and I have been working away on various projects.  All in all, the year has been good, but I am glad to have a fresh start!

Here are some pictures of our very quiet Christmas this year.

Christmas Eve Fun:  Two church services, decorating cookies and new pajamas!


Christmas Day gifts and rest.


After Christmas Snowshoeing.

After Christmas Hike on a Frozen River with our dogs!

Happy New Year Breakfast!


From our family to yours, Have a very Happy and Healthy 2017!


Adventure in Arizona

First I would like to say Phoenix is hot!!!!!! Second I would like to say, I was tremendously thankful for the hotel having a pool!!!!!! With that being said, we did have a great time in Phoenix. It was fun having absolutely no responsibilities for a while.

Middle Bit was born in this great city, so he had fun seeing the old house we lived in, hospital he was born in and the church he was baptized in. We took him to the church he was baptized at, and one of the priests is still there almost 13 years later! I have a picture of her holding him as a baby, and now of them standing next to each other 13 years later. Time does fly!

Other highlights were visiting Tombstone and Bisbee. If I had the chance to live in Bisbee, I would. The town is so eclectic and much cooler in temperature. Love it!

We had a great time, but like all good things, we had to come back home. We were all grateful for the time away and time spent together!

What were some of the trips you have been on this summer?



Jeep Wagoneer Memories


When I was growing up, my family had a Jeep Wagoneer. This car was what got us from Las Vegas to Oklahoma over the holidays. My memories of it are fond, yet funny. The Wagoneer had no heat or air conditioning, so traveling in the winter was an adventure. I remember one holiday, having to take our black lab “Pepper” with us. Early on in the trip, I spilled ketchup down the front of my shirt and had no napkins to clean it off. By the end of the trip, it was hardened with dog hair to it. That trip was cold, tiring and filthy. But memorable.

Now that we are getting closer to completing the skeleton of Betty, we have been thinking of cars to pull the trailer. For some odd reason, the first car that came to mind is the Wagoneer. My husband jumped on board immediately. Besides pulling the trailer, it would be a perfect car for our oldest to learn to drive. Another story for another time.

We found a Wagoneer for sale 3 hours south of us, and jumped on the opportunity. We drove down, and I must admit, I was dreading the drive back up. My husband and the boys decided that they would drive back together in the Wagoneer, while my daughter and I followed. I was not looking forward to following 65-70 mph up mountain passes. Many memories were rushing back! In true Wagoneer form, memories have already been created for my kids. Going up one of the passes, the jeep began to struggle, and finally died. My husband pulled off on an exit with nothing around, and as we trouble shot the issues, it came to me that he was low on gas, and it could be that the gas was not getting to the engine up the hill. An exit with a gas station was less than 10 miles away, so we piled in and got some gas to bring back. After putting gas in the car, we realized that it was parked up hill and probably need to be facing downhill in order to start. So my kids got their first lesson in pushing a vehicle! While we were pushing, my husband started the Wagoneer, but it was moving downhill, and I yelled for the kids to run!!! Jump in the car!!!!! Off they went to the gas station to finish filling up!

Wagoneer’s are made for adventures, and this one has been fun for us all. I have loved remembering my childhood, and the kids have loved creating memories of their own.

Here’s to memories!



Sometimes, all you Need is a Cookie


Times have been rough with Little Bit.  For the past two months, her fighting has gotten progressively worse, and Mr. Bits and I have been beside ourselves trying to figure out how we can help her.  The therapist she had in December, just wasn’t a good fit.  Not a whole lot of guidance on how to control her anger.  We start a new therapist today, and there is much anticipation about how this one may help.

Last week, her anger got the better of her and what was supposed to be a mother daughter day on Saturday, turned into just me going.  It was our annual ladies tea at church, and she flat out chose to fight rather than go.  I made a huge cookie tart for the event, one of her favorites, and sadly took it to the event without having my daughter with me.

The next day at our coffee hour, we had a ton of leftovers from the event, including a little more of the cookie.  There was one more piece, and I knew she was eyeing it.  I looked at her and said, go and take it.  The smile on her face spoke a thousand words, including, “I am still a little girl.”

Sometimes, I need those reminders, that she is a little girl that does not know how to be little.  It takes a cookie to remind us all sometimes of what truly matters.

Love to you all and please have a cookie today!



In February, I celebrated my 40th birthday!  I did not want any birthday parties or events that make others feel like they needed to get me things and I feel really uncomfortable when I am the center of attention.  I really did not want to be surprised by any of that either.  But I did not know what I wanted to do.  Mr. Bits asked me, but I just could not decide.  The weather where we live had been horrible for a month straight, and the inversion that happens because of the constant snow cover became really depressing.  So getting out of town sounded like a good option, but I honestly had no clue where I wanted to go.

Some friends of ours suggested we try to go in on a cabin together since his birthday was around the same time.  We could celebrate mine, my daughters and his all at once.  So my husband began planning, and we decided on Bryce Canyon in southern Utah.  Warm (warmer but still chilly), clear skies and beautiful scenery.  Our families cooked meals together, sat out on the balcony in the warm sun and drank beers (grownups only of course), and drove into the national park for a day of hiking and looking around.

It was truly a great birthday and a much needed dose of sunshine!  Another special thing about my birthday is that I share it with my grandpa.  He died when I was young, but I remember sharing my birthday with him.  We were both born on Feb 13, and on a Friday!  Every birthday, I have a toast towards heaven and wish him a special day, and this birthday, I felt as though he were wishing me one right back.  Nature does that.  It brings us closer to those we miss.



Betty is Making Progress


It has been a while since we cold actually work on Betty, my 1964 Jet trailer, but we are making the time now.  We have just stared at it for too long, and can no longer sit and watch it need some love.

My kids are even getting into the action, especially my oldest.  He helped us build half of the frame on one side this past weekend.

I will be showing more details in the upcoming weeks, but several things are under way.

The frame work is being built, the windows are being cleaned and the stove is being degreased!

We are super excited, but I just wanted to let you know how energetic we have become!

Oh Betty, you have waited long enough, so this is your year!  For real this time!



Where to Begin

It has truly been a whirlwind of events the past few months, and I can honestly say some of the busiest weeks I have experienced as a wife, mother and grown up.  Teaching full time at home, going back to school, trips, running major events, and all the miscellany in between…I have seen that I can do it, but it does wear the body out.

This week is the first time in months that I have a “normal” week.  I have missed blogging, I have missed my business and have realized that these spaces are part of who I am.  With the events of the past week around the world, I have missed connecting with family far away and see blogging as a way to connect to family, friends, the world.  How important it is to do this in love, unity and peace.  I am so grateful for all of you and I look forward to connecting and seeing what is happening in your lives as well.

I could not figure out how to start this post, because there has been so many things happening, and last night, I sorted through about 300 photos from the past few months.  Where do I even begin!

So I will lead in words my month of September through mid October, then show you some very cool pics of an impromptu trip to Fresno California.  September began the craziness.  I put together a women’s retreat for the northern region of our state.  It was called, “That’s How the Light Gets In”, and approximately 30 women from 3 different congregations came together to learn about service and prayer.  I heard it went really well!  I say this because even though I organized the event, I was unable to make it.  I had class all weekend long!  Wonderful women banded together to help ensure all went well.  This was my first lesson:  how to learn to allow others to help.  I have always had a difficult time with this control issue, but honestly, I cannot do it all.  These wonderful women stepped up and did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be more grateful!  Class went well, and I am drinking through a fire hose of information.  Getting back into the school routine and writing papers on theology is mind boggling, but somehow, by grace, I am getting it done.

Another major thing I am working on with another woman is starting up a soup kitchen, opening in January.  There will be more info to come.  But in the midst of preparing for this, going to school and planning for our church bazaar, we have had co-op and home school!  I have enjoyed school this year.  The program for the kids is amazing, and this virtual school incredible.  The kids attend class online, and meet with their fellow classmates.  The curriculum is great, and I feel like I am running from kid to kid, but they are all having a great time.  The co-op has been a lot of work, but so worth it, and I am grateful for the ladies I work with.

Now to the Fresno trip.  This was an impromptu trip.  My husbands aunt and uncle live in Fresno, and one week called us to invite us to the wests largest civil war re-enactment.  Apparently, Fresno has the largest one in the west, who knew?  They know that my son is a huge civil war buff, and did not want us to miss this opportunity.  However, when they called, we only had a week!  My husband was gone, so we had to work out how we would do it.  So, on a Thursday, my husbands flight got in at 1pm.  Since he was already packed, the kids and I picked him up from the airport and just kept driving.  We spent the night in Vegas, which is a story all its own for tomorrow and got there Friday night.  All day Saturday, we attended the event, and it was pretty cool.  Here are the highlights.

DSC_0009 (2)DSC_0030DSC_0032DSC_0054

The morning started with a battle, and which one, I cannot remember.  I was not expecting it to be so cool.  The horses were so well behaved with all the black powder noise, and the characters were amazing!


In between battles, we walked around the camps, both union and confederate.

The above horse was the most friendly horse I have ever met.  I couldn’t stop petting her.  Really, literally, she would not leave my daughter and I alone.  Which was sad for my daughter, because she absolutely loves horses, but unfortunately this is what happens.


Yup, she is allergic.  So Benadryl to the rescue and the rest of the day continued.

The men and women participating stayed in character at all times, and answered all questions.  We all learned much about the history, and had fun learning some new crafts.



The doctor was by far the most informative.  We are so lucky for the advances in medicine.  I will spare you the details.

An old distillery, for medicinal and moonshine purposes!  Of course it was just for show.


And then of course the day ended as it began, with a battle.


We truly had such  an amazing time, and I am so happy we did not wimp out.  It was great to see family, learn new things and watch the kids have a wonderful time.

Thanks Bruce and Cheryl!  We had so much fun!


Vegas Baby


Mr. Bits recently had a trip to Las Vegas for work.  Since it is summer, and we are free, I decided to pack up the kids and go with him.  I am so glad we did, as we needed a break from the normal day routine.  It was fun because, the hotel we stayed at had five different pools for the kids to choose from.  We honestly did not leave the hotel area for most of the trip!  The kids played in the pool all day long!  There were a couple of days when we ventured out and went to some museums, but for the most part, the kids and I just wanted to stay next to the pool.

I grew up in Las Vegas, and every time I go back I am reminded of how happy I am I do not live there anymore.  The heat is so oppressive!  I have heard people say things like, “At least it is a dry heat!”  But come on, once it gets to 110 degrees, who cares if it is dry, all I know is it was dang hot, and I sweated buckets!

We all had a good time together, and now we are back home, getting ready for the upcoming school year, and doing lots and lots of laundry!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer vacation!



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