My Favorite Movie

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Since High School, my favorite movie has been “So I Married an Axe Murderer”.  It is funny, quirky and totally quotable. The movie is not for everyone, and many of you may not even think it is funny at all, but Mike Myers used to be the man I wanted to marry!  He is so very funny and I guess in a way, I married a man with very similar personality.  Makes me laugh every day!

The whole movie is set in San Francisco, and every time we go, which is not very often, I am on the hunt for businesses that were in the movie.  Unfortunately, many of them have shut down, but I did get to visit some of these places 10 years ago.  After a long day in China Town and Pier 39, My husband and only two of the kids piled in the car.  Oldest Bit wanted to go with His aunt.  As we turned the corner, Fog City Diner came into view and I had flashbacks to the movie.  If you have ever seen it, then you will get this next part.  “No, no, no, no, no infinity.”  I may have screamed “Stop!” and scared my husband a little, but when he saw what I screamed about, he quickly understood.  He pulled over, and said, we are going in!

The place was wonderful, and has the best virgin drinks for the kids and the best non virgin drinks for the grown ups!  The staff was so friendly, and it did not disappoint, except Mike Myers was not there.

I am so happy we got to visit this restaurant, and relive my quirkiness from High School, and college, and lets face my every day life.

Hope you are all having a great day!  Wish you a great week of exploring!



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