Sunday Storytelling


Sunday Storytelling came about after seeing the awesome Garrison Keillor perform.  No it was not his famous radio show Prairie Home Companion, which I have seen before, but instead just him, up on stage telling stories of his childhood all the way up to present day.  What struck me most was the fact we all have a story to tell, no matter how mundane, or boring you may think yours is.  Stories are what brings the world together, and helps young and old connect.  We can hear of days gone by, of how people lived, of what was done differently or similarly.  We can sit, and listen.

If we do not tell our stories, how will the next generation know what the trials, joys and experiences were for you.  How will they know how you became the adult you are today.  How can our children learn to relate to us knowing that we have been through what they are now going through.

Stories are bits of our past that brings us together in the present.

So why Sunday?  Well, Sundays are known for families gathering around the dinner table, bonding over a meal.  Or sitting next to a fire in the cold of winter laughing and listening to what happened during the week.  It is a time of peace, calm, rest and love.

You are welcome to join in the storytelling by leaving a comment with the link to your story.  I know we would all love to listen!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Storytelling

    1. Thank you and thank you for stopping by. It is amazing what memories a simple box can hold. I am sure your grandmothers box is precious to you as it was to her.

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